Wednesday, July 18, 2007

oooh! I'm so lucky!

So my car wouldn't start today after work because the genius I am left the lights on all day and drained the battery! At least I'm prepared enough with jumper cables since this is probably the hundreth time this has happened to me. But imagine my surprise when I got home (an hour later than normal!) and found my Hogwards Sock Kit Swap package waiting for me!

Could I get any better package?! I don't think so!!! Not only did I get the awesome yarn a little bit ago in Ravenclaw 3rd year stripes, but I got SO MANY MORE GOODIES!!

I got all kinds of needles-- a set of sock needles, two sets of bamboo straight needles, and cable needles (thank god! my cable needle had disappeared into either my mom's or sister's stash some time ago, and I'd not gotten a replacement yet, so its perfect!). I also got an excellent recipe card with some good texan recipes on it-- after all, my partner was from the Lone Star State! I got a huge bag of french vanilla coffee--which is very appropriate since it is my favorite drink. Two skeins of Moonlight Mohair to knit up with my new needles! Then the Hogwarts stuff--so much! Wizard trading cards (Wizzo, when does your card come out??), tons of yummy candies like Bertie Bots, an excellent bookmark which is also perfect because I'm expecting book #7 to arrive Saturday!! And the neatest stationary--Harry Potter themed of course! There's just too much to mention, and I love every bit of it!

Thanks, Sonia! What a great package!

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Wizzo said...

hmmmm a trading card - i thin i will work on that one!