Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sushi, Kool-Aid and Socks Socks Socks!

Holy cow, it's already Sunday! What a weekend! I didn't get too much done other than house stuff, but I did get to eat some yummy yummy sushi with Brooke which included this crazy beast! So delicious, and shame on me I can't remember what the hell this was called. All I know is that it had the spiciest spicy mayo EVER.

I also finished another pair of jaywalkers last week--this pair was knit with Austermann STEP sock yarn which I love! It has jojoba oil in the fiber-a nice treat for the feet. Lucky me, Stephanie bought this yarn for me on our pass through Howell, Michigan. Thanks again, Steph!

They feel great on my feet (of course I had to wear them practically immediately after finishing them!)

I'm really loving knitting socks--which is probably good because my sock stash is multiplying like a wet gremlin.

I also dyed some sock yarn yesterday! I used the Kool-Aid method again, this time I used lemon-lime, pink lemonade, and berry blue. The house smelled dee-lish! I hope to start knitting with this yarn this week to see how I did measuring out my stripes. My goal was to have a thin pink stripe, thick green, thin blue, thick green--we'll see how I actually did this week.

Since I finished the my jojoba jaywalkers last week, I've knit and frogged another sock literally twenty times. What the heck! I just couldn't find the right pattern that complimented the yarn. I kept getting blobs of color rather than anything like a stipe--which drove me nuts! I finished about 30 rows of the sock pattern that I finally decided to go with, but then realized that unless my sister's feet have been bound since age 2 like an ancient chinese girl, there was no way these would fit her. So I (once again) frogged the sock and started it up again on size 3s. Stephanie gave me this yarn because she had 2 skeins of it--Socks that Rock's Punk Pink. We decided that I'll knit her a pair and she'll knit me a pair in the same yarn. So this is what I have on the needles now. I should be starting the heel tonight (hopefully) and get this pair finished this week.

And thats about it for now! I am listening to Shannon and Steph's newest podcast--probably the only knitting podcast that has ever said "Roto-Rooter" thirty times.

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